Sheffield Café Scientifique

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About us

The first Café Scientifique was established in a Leeds wine bar in 1998 by science programme maker Duncan Dallas. There are a number of Café Scientifiques in cities across the UK.

A Café Scientifique is held in a public place, such as a café, bar or restaurant, where the general public, practising scientists and science communicators gather in a relaxed and informal environment to explore the latest developments in science and technology.

The Sheffield Café was established by Sandrine Soubes in October 2003.

The Café, held at the Showroom, provides an opportunity to meet and interact with practising scientists, ask questions and join in an often lively debate surrounding topical scientific issues.

Sandrine's work in organising has been continued by a group of volunteers, who work together to keep the Sheffield Café running.

The current set of people involved in organising are:
Cathy Mackenzie, Douglas Bell,
Ffion Autumn, George Askwith,
Gracy De Souza,
Martina (Tina) Mcguiness, Vanessa Speight

Guide for Potential Speakers

The talk should be:
  • controversial
  • entertaining
  • authoritative
  • concise
  • capable of standing rigorous questioning
  • intellectually stimulating
  • delivered in plain English for the non-specialist or non-scientist
  • broad enough to generate an hour's lively Questions & Answers
Café Scientifique subjects reflect:
  • current developments in scientific research and thinking
  • what can and can't be done as a result of recent knowledge
  • the social and ethical implications of pursuing newly possible courses of action.
  • the (potential) impact of new technology.
The talks should not be veiled attempts to promote new products