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2014-12 Averting Comfortable Lifestyle Crises 01 Dec

Prof. Rod Bilton is author of the book  'Know What to Eat'. Prof Bilton says that for at least 3 millenia people have noted the association of inappropriate diets with increased incidence of illness. Anthropological studies in the mid C19 revealed that humans can survive and thrive in the virtual absence of dietary carbohydrate. The industrialisation of food processing in the C20 has led to increases in palatability and digestibility with a parallel loss of quality leading to overconsumption and the current obesity epidemic.  The epidemic is compounded by, amongst other things,  the addictive properties of sugar which involve the same dopamine receptors in the pleasure centres of the brain as cocaine, nicotine and alcohol.
Does a study of our eating habits over time point to an optimum, healthy diet?  Is there a role for fasting?  If you want to stay healthy, come along and find out.
Monday 1st December 2014 - 7.00pm
Prof Rod Bilton, formerly School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University