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October Cafe

Monday 6th October 2014 – 7.00 pm
‘Unravelling the Chaos in Turbulence’
Dr Ashley Willis, School of of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Sheffield

Turbulence exhibits chaotic changes in the speed and direction of fluid flow -- this will be familiar if you've experienced turbulence during a flight!  Turbulence is a big problem in many applications, where substantial energy is often wasted in the creation of these chaotic motions, for example in aerodynamics, and very much so in the pumping of oil and water.  Although studies of turbulence date back to the 1880s much of our theoretical understanding has developed only within the last decade.
In this talk Dr Willis will explain to non-mathematicians how this progress has been made possible, drawing links between the dynamics of turbulence and chaotic systems such as the 'double pendulum'.
Ashley Willis is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to identify the fundamental repeating patterns underlying turbulence.