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April Cafe - 14 April space craft propulsion

Monday 14 April 19:00   (Please NOTE the date and topic are changed)

We are pleased to welcome once again Dr Steven Cutts to talk at April's Cafe Scientifique. Dr Cutts works in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health at the University of Sheffield and he has a wide ranging interest in all things scientific.  Beyond his medical specialism he has a particular interest in space travel.  At his last talk at the Cafe he speculated about the possibility of  life on Mars.  This time he will talk about Space Craft Propulsion, a talk he has already given to the Nottingham Cafe.  Dr Cutts will ask why it has proven so difficult to build a single stage space shuttle and from there he considers the prospects of building a fully reusable shuttle as the key to unlocking a future of commercially affordable space flight.