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Bioenergy Sustainability Sept 09

We open this season with a special session. Admission is FREE as usual, but please register at

Monday, 9th September 2013 at 7pm in the bar of The Showroom

Bioenergy Sustainability

Fossil fuels are non-renewable and burning these fuels releases greenhouse gases, which contributes to climate change. Bioenergy could contribute to a more sustainable energy solution. But bioenergy also raises its own concerns. For instance, with rising food prices, should we be using our farm land to grow energy crops? And what could be the impact on biodiversity, farmers and the economy? What will the sustainable lifestyle of 2030 look like? How can we steer bioenergy research today to reach that goal?

Join us for an interactive discussion about the future of bioenergy. The event is a chance for you to discuss your concerns, hopes and expectations for bioenergy and your views will be collected and considered to inform BBSRC future strategy in bioenergy.