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Cafe Sci April 2012

Monday, 2nd April 2012 at 7pm in the bar of The Showroom

'Alan Turing Centenary Year: The Wonder of Ideas'

Dr Derek Marriott FBCS CITP

Stephen Hawking has rated the work of Alan Turing as amongst the most
important in human history. In his short life Turing set the framework for
the world as we know it today. He may even have defined the limits of what
our current world can achieve. 2012 marks the Centenary of Turing's birth. He
is perhaps best known for his code breaking work during World War II but
ironically it may have been this work that kept his true fame in check.

This talk explains his key ideas, why they have shaped our world over the
last 60 years and why they might be telling us something about the universe.