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Theatre Company 'Babbling Vagabonds' and Dr. Sandrine Soubes from the department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield explore synthetic biology.

If you could create new life in a lab what would you make? Can the answers to the world's problems be grown from the lab?

While Craig Venter announce the age of a new biology where biologists and engineers are joining forces, Synthetic Biology is offering to be the new Graal which may solve many problems of our modern world.

If we let school children be the synthetic biologists of tomorrow what would they do with these new biological tools, which products and technology would they develop. The theatre company, the Babbling Vagabonds and Dr Sandrine Soubes from the department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology have worked to explore such ideas with primary school children. This performance will encapsulate synthetic biology seen through the eyes of young people.

Discussion with the audience will follow the performance with the participation of Professor Phil Wright, from the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield.
Monday 08 November 2010 19:00