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March Cafés: 01 March & 15 March

01 March 2010: Professor Peter F. Smith, MA, PhD, FRIBA; Chartered Architect

We need to change the way we build homes, towns and cities now. Why the urgency?Because global warming is picking up speed and the villain is carbon dioxide.

Atmospheric carbon will almost certainly increase and raise the global average temperature to well beyond the 2C tipping point into irreversible climate change.

Experts like James Hansen in the US and Lord Turner in the UK warn that we should begin preparing now for a 4C rise in average temperature. This translates to a 13C rise in Siberia with its massive stores of methane.
The Copenhagen COP15 was an almost total disaster. It failed in its primary aim which was to get the major polluting countries to agree a cap on their CO2 emissions.
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15 March: this special event which will look at the idea of a 'muse': the voice, catalyst or driver, which instigates new direction for research. It brings together experts in psychology, literature, theatre, global climate and public health.