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More on Darwin and Evolution

If you were interested in our previous Evolutionary biology talks [ ], there are some Darwin related events to which you are invited.

The University of Sheffield's Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society is organizing a series of lectures during which speakers will talk about their own experience with the theory of natural selection and what their understanding of the theory has given them in their scientific arena.
These lectures will be held in Firth hall (Firth court, Western bank, at the University of Sheffield) between 1 and 2 pm on the following days:

Friday 20th February: Dr Frank Ryan, author of the popular science book "Darwin's Blind Spot" talks on how modern evolutionary biology has much to offer medicine in terms of new molecular and biotechnology research in a lecture entitled "The New Evolution/The New Medicine".

Friday 27th February: Professor Terry Burke talks on one of Darwin's most misunderstood theories, sexual selection.

Friday 13th March: Dr Milton Wainwright talks on the possibilities that "Survival of the Fittest" was an idea already in the scientific domain before the publication of "On the Origin of Species", and that Darwin just happened to publish the right book at the right time.

To reserve a place contact Glenn Masson: