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September Café

Monday 01 September 2008
19:00 The Café at The Showroom
No Tickets Required.

Dr Frank Ryan will talk about four amazing revelations arising from his travels and contacts within the world of evolutionary biology, each linked to a single image that will exemplify this broader understanding.

The first will relate to a very surprising new discovery about the human brain that links to my redefinition of HIV-1 as an “aggressive symbiont”.
The second will link the fascinating but highly controversial topic of James Lovelock’s Gaia with our present concerns about global warming.
The third will examine his contribution to just one facet of Lynn Margulis’s theory for the origin of nucleated cells and link it both to the dance of the chromosomes in mitosis and the human eye.
The fourth will link the current race to create the first truly artificial (and thus entirely alien) life form in the lab... Read More >>