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May Event

Monday 12 May 2008
19:00 The Café at The Showroom
No Tickets Required.

Frank Ryan will present two Cafés. This, the first, will be linked to the 150th anniversary of the presentation of Darwin's theory at the Linnean Society in 1858, a year before publication of 'The Origin of Species'. Indeed, Frank Ryan will be co-hosting an international meeting at the Linnean Society in July to mark the occasion - click here for the abstracts.
At Café Scientifique Frank will discuss the concept of genomic creativity, explaining how viruses are a vital part of this, referring to symbiosis as a creative force. Frank has written on this subject . His latest book, 'Darwin's Blind Spot' is available, with free postage, from

A second book, that is entertaining as well as informative, is his recently published eco-thriller. The 'Doomsday Genie', available from

Frank will have copies of these books available at his presentation. As an audience, be prepared to contribute to this session in order to shape the direction of Frank's follow-on presentation to be given on 1st September. What areas of this fascinating field do you want to explore?

You might even be able to get your copy of his book signed by the author!