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Would you download Music from this Man? The new faces and trends behind the Web

The Web has been going through a profound evolution in recent years that goes beyond just increased size and number of users, faster computers and increased connectivity. The Web has become Social. This means that the user role has moved from passive reader of existing documents to contributor of information and data. This is an evolution that is deeply changing the way we use the Web itself and in general the way we gather and use information.
“In this talk, I will briefly describe the Web evolution, from the first steps to today's Web, via the Internet bubble and some of the reasons why some companies survived and others did not. Then I will focus on the Social Web (or Web 2.0), describing its main characteristics and motivations, as well its potentiality. Popular applications like Wikipedia, Facebook, LastFM, Flickr and GoogleMaps will be used to exemplify the trend.
Finally I will describe the expectations for further evolution, often referred to as Web 3.0. ”

01 Oct 2007 |Prof. Fabio Ciravegna Department of Computer Science The University of Sheffield