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06 Feb 2006
Performance lecture by Third Angel:
collaboration with Dr. David Sheffield(Staffordshire University), and Christine Sprigg & Dr. Peter Totterdell (Institute of Work Psychology, The University of Sheffield).

Do you never have quite enough time in the day?  Do you change lanes in traffic queues in the hope you will get home just that bit faster?  Do you get irrationally irritated by the cashier who's a little slow?  Do you find yourself trying to do more and more in less and less time?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, you may be suffering from Hurrysickness, caving in under the pressure of constantly having to cram more into the day.  Third Angel has been exploring the science and history of time and time pressure, and invites you to take time out to share and enjoy some of their findings in this engaging performance lecture.  You can even contribute to our research by participating in a couple of experiments - multitasking at its most entertaining!
Yorkshire Post said:
"Hurrysickness explores the effects of time and the fact that, in the Western world, we live by it, and, increasingly, in Japan, people die by it.
Karoshi is the Japanese word for death from overwork and what fascinates Third Angel is not that it happens, but that it happens so regularly that a word has been created for it.
This disturbing idea is turned inwards by Kelly who begins by telling us how many years, weeks, days and hours he has been on the planet.
Using audience participation, in the most comfortable way I have ever seen it he explores the notion of time and the frame it creates around our lives.
Whichever box you put Third Angel in, its performances make for a wonderful evening."
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