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“Death by Design”

18 Mar 2005
Café Scientifique Special
Discussion will follow with director Peter Friedman and scientist Jean-François Brunet.
“Death by Design”
Death by Design a film by Peter Friedman and Jean-François Brunet, France 1995,1hrs13min.
Winner of 10 international awards.
There exists a world where death creates life, where suicide without sadness occurs billions of times an hour, where every individual does exactly what is best for the whole society. It is a world of highly sophisticated communication and stunning choreography, of vast depth and endless mystery. It is utterly alien, but it is also--in every moment--creating us all.
Death by Design is a guided tour into the invisible world of cells, told through a collage of metaphors. State-of-the-art micro-cinematography is playfully intercut with parallel images from life at the human scale: a hundred lighted violins, imploding skyscrapers, pieces of film on the cutting room floor. . .